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Like James Bond

only not.

Pete Wisdom
16 February 1964
What the hell am I supposed to write here? My life story?

Muse: Pete Wisdom
Fandom: X-men

Pete Wisdom's a fictional character who shoots knives of heat out of his hands, do you think he's really the guy at the keyboard? Pete's created by the astoundingly talented Warren Ellis, who I am not, and unfortunately owned by Marvel, who I am not connected with except in the sense that I've spent way too much money on these comics. I'm not Goran Visnjic either; I can't even pronounce his name. No profit being made here, just a bit of entertainment for theatrical_muse.

For the purposes of this journal, I'm considering anything written by Ellis canon. Anything else? Sometimes it's Pete, sometimes it's Bob the Skrull, MI13's handy-dandy shapeshifter, thus conveniently explaining any moments of extreme out-of-characterness that may appear in the comics especially when written by Claremont. Pete's got the wrong accent? Bob the Skrull. Talking about mutants as a big happy family? Bob the Skrull. Quit smoking? Definitely Bob the Skrull. Got shot in the face and later showed up claiming he was just faking it? ...actually that one was Fred the Skrull. Rest in peace, Fred.

I'm more-or-less keeping current with the comics, which means Pete here is based out of London, working for the paranormal/supernatural/just-plain-weird division of British intel, and wrangling cats, by which I mean trying to organize Excalibur, the resident team of property damage in spandex. That also means there may be spoilers here for the comics fans, but luckily nothing ever actually happens in the Excalibur comics so no need to worry much.